Tag: data analysis

Ideas at Work: Analyzing data with surveys

(Vol. 2, Issue 6, May 2011) The Idea Book includes a variety of great ways to make surveys and analyzing data meaningful, engaging activities. Heather Duncan did a particularly striking job of explaining how she and her kindergarteners at South Shore Elementary have made collecting data from surveys and discussing them a regular part of their classroom life.

Book Ideas: Using photobooks for data analysis

(Vol. 2, Issue 6, May 2011) Tana Hoban and Ann Morris are both gifted children’s book authors who combine minimal text with wonderful photos that beg to be pored over again and again. Many of them are organized around ideas that call for mathematizing.

Ideas at Work: All sorts of mitten math

(Vol. 2, Issue 4, February 2011) Olivia Trevino’s preschool class at Marsh Elementary School took advantage of all the winter weather to explore picture books about mittens.