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Ideas at Work: Brace for measuring bracelets

(Vol. 3, Issue 1, December 2011) In early November, Erikson Early Math Team members made several presentations at NAEYC’s annual conference. In a three-hour session, instructors Rebeca Itzkowich and Mary Hynes-Berry had participants engaged in exploring Big Ideas about measurement as they used both direct and indirect measurements in order to figure out how long a piece of leather would need to be to make a lovely tree “bracelet.”

Book Ideas: Measuring with books, blocks, and even penguins

(Vol. 3, Issue 1, December 2011) There are any number of wonderful books that give children very concrete images to show how big creatures are and to make comparisons to their own size. Steve Jenkins’ Actual Size and Prehistoric Actual Size have been favorite choices in our past workshops on measurement. However, in last year’s idea book, Laura Miller reported how she and and her preschoolers from Prieto Academy explored linear measurement after studying polar animals.

Ideas at Work: Algebraic thinking with shoes

(Vol. 2, Issue 1, September 2010) Cindy Collado and her preschool class at Stock School were involved in a shoe project that incorporated many math concepts through a variety of activities over the course of two months.

Book Ideas: The Growing Story and Three Feet Small

The Growing Story and Three Feet Small are two wonderful picture books that address a “math all around us” question that young children find compelling.