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Book Ideas: Wordless books are WONDER-full

(Vol. 2, Issue 5, March 2011) Whether a child’s home language is English, Spanish, or Swahili, wordless books are a great tool for supporting the child (and her family) in developing mathematical thinking and language.

Working “through” math with dual language learners

(Vol. 2, Issue 5, March 2011) It is tough learning two new languages at once. In the case of dual language learners (DLL), the two “languages” are often English and mathematics. Young children in classrooms where the language of instruction is not their dominant language can have challenges when it comes to learning math language, particularly positional words.

Learning takes shape: Big Ideas of geometry & spatial relations

The EME Project’s May professional development workshop provided a first look at the Big Ideas of Geometry: Locations, Directions, and Movement.